electricity supplier tax voice has come again in the industry over the past few days. Recently, some media reports, the State Administration of taxation is the lead in the study of electricity supplier tax collection and tax policy. In fact, from the beginning of last year, the total tax has been set up a related research team, launched a special electricity supplier tax research topics, and led by a deputy director of the General Administration of taxation.

electricity supplier to discuss this topic for so many years, to 2014 entered a substantive stage, in my opinion, the electricity supplier is ripe for tax.

why did not start electricity supplier tax


in order to discuss the topic of electricity supplier tax, first of all we have to figure out why the original electricity supplier is not taxed. The answer is: in the beginning of the main practitioners in electronic commerce China mainly C2C small sellers on the platform, which is part of the shop in the beginning, due to the small scale, and the vast majority of individual shop, so the term was not included in the scope of the tax. And the state in order to encourage the development of electronic commerce, for this kind of small shops (C shop) no tax on the relaxation of the policy, so this mode of business to enjoy more than 10 years of electricity supplier bonus.

most of the Taobao C store is actually B shop

Suning executives said in Jindong NPC and CPPCC a word "China’s e-commerce transaction volume is 90% years engaged in B2C in the form of C2C transactions, a large number of transactions outside the existing legal regulation, there is a serious lack of supervision and law enforcement vacancy phenomenon." It is true that Zhang Jindong’s proposal has a deliberate suspicion of Taobao, but the courage to put forward such proposals in the two sessions, but also shows that the market has done a careful investigation of the Zhang Jindong. In my opinion, C2C has actually been in name only, since behind the so-called C shop is a enterprise, it should be in accordance with the relevant regulations and pay taxes according to law.

electricity supplier has become an important part of the national economy

recently released the speed transit Institute report shows that online retail market in retail sales accounted for the continued growth in 2008 accounted for only 1.3%, by 2013 the proportion rose to 8% in 2014 is expected to account for such a ratio can reach 14.7%. It can be seen that online retailing is gradually expanding its influence, has become an important part of the national economy. And we from the number of Chinese Internet users from the above point of view, but also to maintain a sustained growth trend. Only 74 million people from 2008 to the first quarter of 2014 online shopping users reached 316 million 640 thousand people, while the number of online shopping users reached 403 million 540 thousand people in 2014 second quarter rose 27.4%, compared with 2008, an increase of 445.3%! A such figure is still maintained a growth state. E-commerce is not only from the size of the crowd or the size of the market, has become the mainstream, since it is already the mainstream business model, and that the tax is more behoove. The author of this paper is dean of the Institute of rapid transit, micro-blog

2014 e-commerce tax timing is ripe

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