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December 25th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of the electronic commerce law draft (hereinafter referred to as the draft) conducted a group of twenty-fifth. At the meeting, members of the Standing Committee for the protection of the interests of the issue of a lively discussion.

"the principle of legislation is to promote the development, standardize the order, protect the rights and interests." NPC Standing Committee member Yin Zhongqing pointed out, both to protect the interests of consumers, but also to protect the interests of electricity supplier operators."

and in the interests of several parties to consider the interests of the parties under the premise of regulation of the third party platform to discuss the natural floating on the surface.

"what is the purpose of the drafting of the law is a comprehensive or focus on the protection of which we focus on the views or comprehensive protection?. If starting from this principle, I feel the whole legal protection of consumers’ rights and safeguard the fair competition order is still weak." Vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Wan Exiang said, "for example, monopolistic behavior, the third party platform to import commodity itself if intends to raise prices, or make a false discount, the price is higher than usual, as this kind of behavior, we should also belong to the acts of unfair competition."

rights and interests of the most concerned about the legislators

electricity supplier draft law by the NPC Financial and Economic Committee led the drafting of the official launch of the legislation by the end of 2013, the establishment of a special legislative council led by the 12 ministries, working group. The concern is that in the process of legislation held several seminars, including two international symposium, also invited the United China World Trade Center, the United States, the European Union and Japan and other international organizations, countries and regions of the well-known legal experts.

draft third party e-commerce platform, electronic payment, express logistics, data information, dispute resolution, consumer protection and other special provisions of the provisions of chapter. According to the draft, electricity supplier shall brush praise, delete bad, not to harass or threaten the counterparty, forcing the breach will modify the evaluation of offenders can be fined up to 500 thousand yuan.

and in December 25th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee deliberations, the Standing Committee of the parties involved in the electronic commerce of the main body of the rights and interests of the issue of a heated discussion.

, such as 7 days no reason to return, such a requirement to regulate the market played a very good role, but some shops still have their own terms of overlord." The NPC Standing Committee Fu Ying said, "from the law, should be leveled for electricity providers and network operators responsibility and obligation requirements of the law, to protect the interests of consumers should be first. E-commerce, now the most headaches is what is not good faith. E-commerce is a particularly good new format, but false, not good faith will ruin everything, so I think the law should seize the core issue, the core issue is good faith."

Mo Wenxiu, member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC)

, points out that "third parties to e-commerce"

Electricity supplier law draft first instance the platform side of the first payment cited power equ

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