under the impact of electricity providers, traditional retail industry, domestic listed Starving people fill the land. "private retail enterprises on behalf of Xinhua shopping plaza Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua) released the latest results of letters, operating income declined year on year, while net profit year-on-year drop 1155.70%.

for the reasons for the decline in net profit, Xinhua believes that the main macroeconomic downturn, the downturn in the industry downturn as well as the impact of electricity providers, closed shop and other effects.

at the same time, Xinhua published the transcript in poor performance, the relevant announcement issued shares and the payment of cash to buy three liquor companies, in the "brothers of the same master", from Fujian Yonghui Jingdong to sell fresh and different choice of liquor O2O.


last year shut shop 14 stop loss

According to Xinhua February 28th

released results of letters show that in 2015, the company achieved total revenue of 6 billion 488 million yuan, down 7.56% over the previous year; operating profit of -27.21 billion yuan, down 781.1%; while the net profit attributable to the listed company -3.87 billion yuan, down 1155.70% over the same period last year.

Xinhua believes that net profit fell mainly due to the decline in turnover, labor and other costs rise, the loss of some of the loss of a serious loss of stores. During the reporting period, the company’s hopeless shop closed decisively, making the increase in costs, losses increased.

In addition,

, the main reason for the decline in the net profit of the Department in 2015 closed 14 stores, the amount of one-time loss into profit and loss.

Xinhua has said that the company will be driven by a single large format stores, the full transition to the line under the comprehensive integration of the development of the O2O business model, finally realizes the transition to "asset light, low cost and high efficiency" retail operation mode.

investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong said further, compared to electricity providers generally has a price advantage, but also have many categories, can provide more choices for consumers, coupled with the recent years in the distribution, service, cleaning fakes aspects of a breakthrough, posed great threat to traditional retail enterprises.

wine O2O

effect remains to be verified

O2O in Yonghui fresh layout, in order to realize the development of Xinhua O2O, chose to buy liquor.

in Xinhua express results released at the same time, also released "the issuance of shares and payment of cash to buy assets to implement new shares cum listing announcement", intends to buy long and long love, love to Tianjin and Luzhou and 100% stake through the issue of shares and cash payments.

reporter noted that the new acquisition of the subject – long love Tianjin and Luzhou, mainly through the Internet and through the entire channel sales

Xinhua are closed shop last year, 14 acquisition of liquor electricity supplier seeking transformati

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