DoNews May 13th (reporter Yu Weiwei) following the feature of fresh goods, flowers category once again become the electricity supplier entrepreneurs in the eyes of the meat and potatoes.

In addition to

enterprise development for a period of time of Fauvism, Roseonly, love flowers, flower shop, founded by the original intime network CEO Liao Bin flowers website "Mr. beard" has recently officially launched, and this is just one of the many new flowers in the business line.

according to incomplete statistics, the current domestic and fresh flowers, flowers and other related websites and online shop has tens of thousands, but the real business is very few. It can be said that the current domestic electricity supplier market is still in the infancy of the initial stage of development.

why popular?

shop for many consumers, a story of male and female, has become a value outside of a flower. Among them, a series of marketing planning activities triggered by the product itself has become the biggest selling point on the market today, most of the electricity supplier.

in the case of Roseonly, as a high-end personalized flower business, Roseonly from the starting line to life send only one "business philosophy, with the Reds Star Marketing Mode in micro-blog, gains a lot of consumers and even investors. And in the past, electricity providers generally get through the low price of different users, the emergence of the electricity supplier to make electricity supplier site began to embark on the brand, value-added route.

currently, Roseonly official micro-blog has nearly 640 thousand fans. Sales, more than half a year after the Roseonly’s sales line has been close to the magnitude of tens of millions of dollars, with the result is that Roseonly’s micro-blog marketing case has become a marketing company’s teaching model.

in addition, in the capital market for electricity providers in the field of interest is not as good as the former, while Roseonly is also completed in October 2013 nearly ten million U.S. dollars B round of financing. It is reported that this is the establishment of Roseonly in less than a year’s time to get the third round of investment, the speed of financing almost a record.

to Roseonly quickly jump red, senior electricity supplier commentators Lu Zhenwang said, on the one hand, Roseonly will be exhausted exhaust all the skills "selling goods" into "sell feelings", to some extent to the platform itself unique commodity value, which is precisely the main impression left the industry and users of the Roseonly


Roseonly, on the other hand, Fauvism flowers are well out of the site of female heart, "the boys want to capture the girls heart, in addition to the expression of" I love you ", more important is" I love you "". This is the business philosophy and Roseonly agree without prior without previous consultation.

founder Yao Kunjie said the "flower flower", flowers > Electric

Fresh electricity supplier survival samples selling services and selling gimmick coexist

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