I world network operators in 2015, several takeaway game player will set off a fierce competition in the takeaway takeaway market, model transformation will be intensified. Light mode platform takeaway is experiencing transformation from light to heavy "; home will also try to provide the delicacy light service, try to open a part of the logistics service to the restaurant to complete their own, especially those with fast food chain distribution capacity; and hungry, U.S. will also be included in planning model transformation in. But in the medium and long term, the model is not important, takeaway fight is the service and brand.


one, take off the market cited capital expansion war, the business brawl frequently

as early as five or six years ago, the first takeaway website has been born. Until 2014, the entire online takeaway market really broke out, then fell into a white hot competition. Explosive and competitive performance is four:

1, expansion rate. U.S. takeaway and hungry so far covered by the city has reached about 250. A year ago, when it was established for four years, it was hungry, covering only about more than and 10 cities. The United States takeaway was formally launched in November 2013, one year to complete the expansion from 0 to 250 cities. Currently announced the day has broken 1 million 500 thousand single single. A year ago, the number of hungry for tens of thousands of single.

2, capital favor. In May 2014, it was hungry to get public comment on the investment of $80 million; in the same month, the U.S. group received $300 million C round of financing; September, home will delicacy announced the completion of $50 million D round of financing; the end of December, one after another came to the U.S. group and the public comment in a new round of financing, the former has announced the completion of a $700 million financing, the latter is rumored to get $800 million financing. In January this year, hungry, a new round of hundreds of millions of dollars of financing information confirmed.

3, subsidy wars. Under the support of the capital market, takeaway players are also increasingly fierce competition for tickets, and in the second half of 2014 set off a few months of subsidies war. In some areas, the reduction rate even once reached over 20 minus 12 yuan, U.S., hungry, Baidu takeaway "turns the dinner", quickly three or four city had not developed catalytic takeaway market.

4, frequent fighting. When the ground team fighting and competition is particularly fierce, online competition for business resources, but also caused more than a brawl. "Underworld" and "thugs" be accused each other of competitors’ keywords. Behind these problems, the essence lies in the homogenization of competition between the takeaway platform.

two, the user how to take away service?

More than half of

users try ordering


(network ordering behavior of users in the proportion of nearly 60%, which used once a week more than population ratio > takeaway website

Take the model will be transformed, but the fight is still service and brand

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