last week, Caixin published CB Insights updated the unicorn company list, this list, as of August 16, 2016, a total of 169 enterprises from 21 countries entered the unicorn club, the global Unicorn company mainly from the United States and Chinese. And this list also allows the author to increasingly want to explore the domestic Internet market.

market has never been lack of tuyere, no shortage of stars". From the original four portals to the immediate BAT, different stages of development, China’s Internet industry has different kings. In recent years, the capital market freeze, and Chinese the Internet has also ushered in the new change and the inflection point. Who is this list of 2016 Chinese strength and potential of the Internet to send



strength of China’s Internet era in 2016:

changes throughout the years in the Internet industry, the elimination rate is very high, changes very fast, can survive in the market and become the industry leader, must have extraordinary strength, and this paper mainly from the valuation, volume etc. to consider and define the strength and potential of school.


last year by the end of February, Didi quickly announced the merger, and the biggest news in 2016, the Internet industry must not drop Uber merger, the keyword search results as high as 4 million 500 thousand, the discussion about the effects of merger events also can be heard without end. Erhun after the drops have dominated the car market more than 90% market share, the market volume enough to dominate in this industry.


compared to its market share, the valuation of the growth rate of travel can be summed up with explosive growth. Trips to 800 thousand yuan started, to the end of its valuation reached $16 billion 500 million. And in April of this year, that is, the news of its valuation exceeded 20 billion U.S. dollars, after the year of May, there is news that the amount of money to travel again to raise the amount of $2 billion. According to the latest news, drops the final financing of $7 billion 300 million. After obtaining the financing, its valuation has been as high as $28 billion, such a valuation is more than 6 times the number of other industries.

in addition, according to today’s headlines count center statistics, in the period from January 1, 2015 to August 20, 2016, in the "unicorn" (i.e. the number of company related to the amount of reading mentioned with the company name "unicorn" article is read) ranked first in the drops of travel, reading more than 22 million 740 thousand hits. On the whole, drops has become a representative of China’s Internet power in 2016.

stood in the air on 2016: the potential of the Internet sent babe network

in addition to the drops, hungry, as well as the veteran star Unicorn

Caixin latest Unicorn research into the electricity supplier upstart babe network the most popular p

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