believes that a lot of new contact information, many people are for the "ocean sea purchase vocabulary not so very strange it. When you pick up the magazine, when you see the random fashion trends in Web site, when you drink tea in a cafe hear people talk, will make you have to pay attention to the "ocean sea purchase a network of such popular new words.

everyone talk, making overseas sea purchase such a magical, but invisible stuff, so, what is the real ocean sea purchase? Everyone said, is not clear to everyone all know know. Therefore, it is necessary to look up the brain what is the basic definition of the ocean sea purchase such a new vocabulary:


, overseas sea purchase the most basic definition of the Internet, temporarily not found, but the small ocean sea purchase this vocabulary, split, can draw two new words — one is a yard, is the sea purchase, therefore, can be said to be the Internet users, multinational in a certain way, some final goods reach the overseas process, called sea purchase overseas. Overseas sea purchase, is now in twenty-first Century, more and more popular in the dominant mode of shopping. Note that the ocean sea purchase, not only a way to complete the overseas shopping, therefore, for the domestic consumer groups, can choose the most conducive to their own overseas sea purchase mode, fast, easy and efficient shopping.

overseas sea purchase, is how it appears? Let us investigate the interaction of


in addition to overseas sea purchase a trendy words so outside, there is a synonym, specifically used to describe all regular words overseas purchase of goods consumers in the sea — that is the sea Amoy family. What is the sea Amoy family? Is at home, where you don’t have to go to, can stay at home in such a specific completion of all foreign well-known products trading process easily and efficiently the crowd. The main characteristics of this population is at home, or rarely go out; want to cheap, the successful completion of all overseas product sales; not qualitative, required for shopping products of different types; for a variety of reasons to go abroad to the store to buy. Although not to go abroad, but also need to buy foreign high-end products, the domestic store high price, hesitant, is difficult to achieve effective trading results, therefore, because of market demand, there is a large area of the sea Amoy family, thus extending overseas sea purchase such a new shopping model.

The content of

, is the ocean sea purchase is how to appear, as well as overseas sea purchase theme groups and market environment. Have overseas sea purchase background, in addition to the market background, and the background of cultural background?.

when a department of the high quality, the legendary drama, when constantly login of the domestic market, the domestic set off a frenzy in the drama, drama, drama and other countries.

The sea Amoy family population continues to expand overseas purchase of new wave caused by sea

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