Wang Zhiquan


technology news August 28th afternoon, stepped down in March this year, Kuba CEO duties Wang Zhiquan back to the electricity supplier arena, launched a large park home B2C website

Wang Zhiquan said today on micro-blog, after 150 days of preparation, a large park network today at 12 on line. The domain name is provided by Cai Wensheng, the technology is supported by ShopEx.

large park network information, it hopes to provide a high standard, comfortable and practical use of its own brand of household necessities. At present, the website category including bedding, towel, grocery etc..

is currently home textile industry is not particularly large B2C attention, former vice president Chen Tenghua was at the end of 2010 to enter this field, and launched 100 elegant, but is also not much sound. In May this year and Dangdang excellent product brand in textile field.

Wang Zhiquan did not disclose why choose textile class B2C as a starting point for entrepreneurship. In March this year, Wang Zhiquan resigned as Kuba Kuba CEO, to serve as directors, by the Shenyang Gome general manager Ding Huadong took the position of CEO, the reason for the departure of Wang Zhi full name is "the need to rest". (Lin Ming)

Wang Zhiquan returned to the founder of the electricity supplier push home textile category B2C Park

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