Abstract: in March 12th, the little penguin went to Tmall flagship store. However, do not think Ali and Tencent to shake hands and. If you try to jump to the Tencent in the WeChat Tmall flagship store, Ali will run out with you said: "no way". But by 3.15 fake news and Tencent under the banner of "accidentally" with a knife to ali.

after Amazon, Tmall flagship store and ushered in a "friend" – Tencent. February 12th, Tencent officially registered in Tmall digital official flagship store, domain name tengxun.tmall.com. In March 12th, the store put out the first item. At present, little penguins mainly sell their products in the intelligent digital Tmall, including portable Wi-Fi, Teng love blood glucose meter, pet Q, portable light voice projector Q shadow, there is another QQ doll.


however, Tencent and not have become the good friend ali. This is not a small penguin trying to jump from WeChat to their own Tmall store, Ali still coldly told: oh. It seems that friendship jump two platforms, still need to tackle. Although Ali had repeatedly stated that there is no shielding WeChat request. However, the fact is still in front of:


of course, Tencent is not a good deal. Carrying 3.15 of the fake news banner, Tencent is "accidentally" with a knife to ali. A conscience full of fake, kicked off:


, but how do you think it’s wrong? In the complaint list, Taobao received a high frequency of complaints:


Tmall also failed to escape.


in the tear each other frame, Tencent and Ali this enemy, what tricks used? But if not, were in charge of two competition platform, estimated Ma and Ma Huateng will be a business friend, after all two people have the same investment.


November 6, 2013, the first domestic Internet insurance companies, zhong an online property insurance Limited by Share Ltd officially opened. The first and second shareholders are Ali and Tencent. Among them, Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd Holdings 19.9%, Tencent holdings of $15%.

November 19, 2014, Huayi Brothers revised the private placement program, Tencent, Alibaba computer founder Ma Yunhe Ali venture, be tied in second major shareholders, the shareholding ratio is 8.08%.

February 14, 2015, drops and quick >

Tencent busy enemy JuTou in the Tmall store, Taobao fake

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