with the end of Taobao’s heavy attack, the full sense of the free online shop has ceased to exist. These instructions from taobao.com has free access fee, partly because now Taobao online shop number has reached saturation, on the other hand, Taobao is to take the necessary means to leave a number of high-quality user.

before taobao.com profit primarily from advertising revenue, Wang Pu income and train income, but these are not each seller must, at least until now I just use the shop service, the other two think beyond. The latest Taobao space but there is a mandatory fee means. In some ways to resolve this is part of the seller (especially novice seller) blow, every month you have to earn spending patterns unbearable, a lot of people are believed to have taobao.com suspected that the website burn the bridge after crossing it, the successful development of left left before the free online shop the purpose of.

but on the other hand, Taobao is actually protecting the interests of all sellers and buyers. What is the real seller, for Taobao, the sale of one or two items a month is not that day no one has time to play the shadow is not just for those sellers, Taobao space waste of resources, and pay the Taobao space on the one hand to open online store has set up a threshold, so that some people to retreat; on the other hand, it can not copy other pictures of the Limited good protection of the interests of the part of the seller. For Taobao buyers. Because the threshold is set up, some navigation shop and cheating sellers will be eliminated. Very good purification of the entire Taobao environment, so that customers save a lot of unnecessary procedures, in the face of more effective information.

The appearance of

is always accompanied by advantages and disadvantages, and we should pay more attention to the analysis of Taobao’s payment behavior.

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Free shop no longer talk about the pros and cons of Taobao pay space

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