speaking of e-commerce, speaking of online shopping, speaking of B2C, which most people mind show is a shelf, a net rack, a long page on the shelves of a superb collection of beautiful things. Will there be anything else in my mind? Maybe, but very few. Electricity providers, online shopping, B2C, is a pure shelf, is a sellers.

even if the NB, such as Tmall, giving people the feeling is like this. In fact, Tmall is like this.


, from now on, Tmall didn’t want to be just like this, don’t want to just a shelf, do not want to just sellers. The face of Tmall, want to change; the day of Tmall, also want to change.

Tmall’s idea, from a few cases:

NBA, the famous NBA, its status as the first two letters. But NBA shop in Tmall for two years, but has not done. There are many natural reasons, but I think Tmall VP the biggest reason is that the price is too expensive, a shirt like NBA star Kobe, about 1000 yuan. But NBA still want to work with Tmall, the main purpose of sellers is not NBA, NBA is not mainly rely on this to make money, and have good channels and agents, NBA on the Tmall about 50000000 consumer groups.

second case is Pepsi cola. Pepsi is also the owner of NB, the drinks are also selling very well, the channel is also very sound. Pepsi also want to cooperate with Tmall, the appeal is not to sell coke on Tmall, but want to spread the guidance of Pepsi lifestyle.

so, Tmall launched the brand stand".

brand stand this Dongdong, looks very small, but reflects the ambition of Tmall, but great. The so-called "needle pierce day", said that such a thing. My understanding and speculation are:

1, all electricity providers, are one of the main channel of the brand. Brand owners have a good line of the channel, and now there are many online channels, nothing more than that. Even online channels, Tmall is only one. Brand station, the launch of the Tmall showed a strong desire, this desire is not to become one of the channels. This, and Tmall’s status and long-term goals can not be completely consistent.

2, brand stand, not a sales behavior, but the brand behavior, publicity, market behavior. These acts, at first glance, it seems not to do electricity supplier. In fact, think too, these behaviors ultimately, or to guide to the sales behavior.

3, a change of thinking, Tmall want to brand station to create the official website of the brand, or Mini official website.

4, want to solve NBA and Pepsi brands such as beyond the traditional meaning of the demand for electricity providers.

5, big data must not be around

Tmall, do not want only sellers

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