[Abstract] the proportion of cash payment is 15%, the rest of the "miss you" to pay in shares.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 16th

A shares of the company miss you (002582.SZ) announced the day before, announced $960 million acquisition of the electricity supplier becheery snacks".

"becheery" by James Hao operations, Tmall’s flagship store Tmall platform is one of the highest selling nuts snacks category shops, "becheery" series of products include nuts, candy, cakes, dried fruit dried seafood, gift boxes and other 5 series of more than and 300 SKU.

Hao James

identified in the trading price of 960 million yuan valuation based on the listed companies want you to non-public offering of shares and the payment of cash to buy the counterparty holdings of the underlying assets, including the issuance of shares of the proportion of the total 85%.

is the value of the shares issued to buy assets totaled 816 million yuan, according to the calculation of the issue price of the issue, the listed company to the counterparty total issued 50651767 shares, the total issued share capital ratio of 25.55%, accounting for the proportion of the total share capital to raise matching funds after the completion of 19.64%; the proportion of cash payments for a total of 15%, total 144 million yuan.

miss you to lock the price by way of Shi Jubin, I miss you to the first phase of ESOP, Harvest Fund, anhorn growth, Hangzhou Juyuan, Chinese anhorn, Guangxi tobsun, Shen Lintao, Bing hung capital, North Ruifeng letter of non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds.

paraquat flavor commitment in 2016 net profit of 55 million

, 2013, annual revenues of $2014 and $612 million, respectively, the annual revenue growth of up to $228 million 820 thousand and $167.51%.

2015 1-9 months, herbal flavor to achieve operating income of 815 million yuan, has exceeded its annual revenue for the year of 2014, of which only double the single operating income of more than $120 million on a single day.

at the end of 2013, the end of and the end of 2015, the 9, the South flavor of short-term borrowings were $50 million 500 thousand, $136 million, 140 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the total assets of the company was 32.45%, 32.74%.

at the end of 2013, at the end of 2014 and 9 at the end of 2015, "becheery" inventory balance was 81 million 319 thousand and 900 yuan, 216 million 772 thousand and 100 yuan, 155 million 262 thousand and 900 yuan, accounting for the proportion of total assets were 52.26%, 54.30%, 36.31%.

although the taste of the end of the year can be gradually reduced during the next year during the Spring Festival, but if the future short-term market demand has changed significantly, or the taste of the west, the sale of other negative

A shares of the company you want to buy 960 million snacks electricity supplier

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