"fresh pier", "foreign pier"

first listen and think it’s the same company. In fact, the two is not the same! One is to sell seafood back home, one is to sell back to domestic and overseas brands. Of course, are the two most popular categories of business at present, just east of the two are seen in chat, just joking 123


fresh dock is fresh, but also the most fire crabs last year the biggest seller, hailun "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, a few weeks to sell millions of large crabs. However, I would like to give you here to disclose the secret is not a secret industry. Whether you are offline store ordering, or online purchase, are not authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. It is said that the annual domestic eat Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs can cover the Yangcheng lake. Of course, not only do the dock fresh crabs, fresh dock boss was born in Fujian, a fishing island, relatives and friends are all over the world fishing seafood. With this relationship, there is supply, you can sell goods to those who want to make fresh business. It is said that Suning intends to invest, do fresh electricity supplier. Of course, it doesn’t sound like that.

this year crabs too much, the result is rotten fresh market, terminal bad days, revenue as of 2012.

ocean terminal, but also two years suddenly rise of the electricity supplier. Of course, the historical background than the former longer, more complex business operations. Foreign terminal to do cross-border electricity supplier trading platform, last year, about 40000000 platform water, this year, about 200 million. At the beginning of the day when the order of more than and 400 single, now has more than 1200 single. Business model is to receive 12% Commission and about 15% of the transaction cost of logistics, so it can still live.

well, if want to say today is the cross-border electricity supplier, is following the last "electric car staking" vertical electric second, through the case of cross-border electricity supplier about ocean terminal.

Nielsen Co in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, China and Brazil, the six major markets of more than 6000 cross-border online shoppers from May 27th to June 12th. The report shows that this year, from the six major markets, the amount of online shopping will reach $105 billion $93 million 700 thousand. And in 2018, consumers from these six markets will be increased to 130 million, the amount of online purchases will rapidly increase to $307 billion.

specific data from the perspective of cross-border trade in these countries are as follows:


website is the most popular destination, accounting for 45%; followed by 37% in the UK, China 26%, of which 80% of people think the reason from the purchase of foreign e-commerce website is the most important to save money; 79% of people think that in the local is not easy to find.

From the

category, the main products of the cross-border online purchases of clothing, shoes and accessories, the three >

Cross border electricity supplier competition, speaking from the foreign terminal

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