, according to Donews8 27 news, the new network promised to help the original owner to recover the domain name abcd.cn.


new network as a 93 years of the establishment of a well-known information based service application service provider to the domain name as the fulcrum for the majority of users to provide a series of services, including virtual hosting, enterprise e-mail. I believe that in this event, the new network will be properly dealt with, in ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of the original holders and holders of the domain name at the same time, reasonable to avoid the matter may cause public relations crisis.

in accordance with the "China Internet domain name management approach," the provisions of the sixteenth: "domain name registration services follow " first apply for registration of the first "." This domain name does not exist other violations of trademark infringement and other factors, then the abcd.cn is now the holder of the entire registration process is completely legal. But learned from the online news, Mr. Yu (domain name holder) said its domain name was transferred without reason, in response to the CNNIC, CNNIC gives the proposal is to buy, arbitration, prosecution three ways to get back. The new network marketing department said it is actively dealing with the matter, then the new network in the domain name does not infringe the legitimate rights of the holders of the premise of how to protect the interests of mr..

I guess, the new network may be used to buy the way, with the domain name is now the holder of the consultation, the domain name to buy more than mr.. In this way, not only can maintain the interests of Mr. Yu, and the domain name does not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the holders, but also to avoid the things that may lead to public relations crisis handling CNNIC on this kind of reasonable compliance by the attitude.

above is only the author’s personal views, welcome friends of the industry criticized correct!

Analysis of how the new network to help Abcd.cn the original owner to retrieve the domain name

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