Abstract from August 2012, he founded Kuba left, Wang Zhiquan began a second venture – textile brand park. Want to position the "tall" Wang Zhiquan, in the past two years experienced what tangled and listen to him in the 2014 trial? Brand electric (Haishu) summit of the park in brand positioning, development speed, team management, mobile attempt, Maori design in five aspects of trying to make a summary:

large park network founder Wang Zhiquan

about the location in his speed to

large park network on August 28, 2012 on the line, in 2013 is a test of their many business assumptions can not be established in the year, the process is very painful, very tortuous. In 2014, some enterprises have been relaxed, some of the things to be recognized by consumers this year, won a number of loyal users.

A big mistake

2013, grass root business achieved a little success, there are some inevitable expansion. A business (refers to Kuba) with some success, the second venture to do some tall things, we are positioned around the age of 40 high income ms..

but in fact it is a very bad crowd, in addition to work almost no life. We quickly adjusted, adjusted to young mothers and expectant mothers in 2014, the group is more concerned about security, but also feel the importance of safety. Therefore, the situation in 2014 is relatively good.

had a lot of people think that we did not think to do market positioning, design simple plain type and no one will buy, but we always adhere to the quality of our security to do, by 2014, customers will settle down very much.

talk about speed: slow is fast

park is just on the line when the practice is not advertising, did not spend a penny advertising in 2012, we believe that a good product will speak. At that time sent a lot of a lot of out, including a lot of friends around.

in 2013 we spent some money, have a certain influence, but in doing this thing, we always adhere to the brand positioning and quality pursuit, even if met with a lot of criticism. Some time ago, we took six places, the user pulled out, so that they spit bad, to tell us all of our problems, we listen to them talk about the problem.

in this process to grasp the point: we only do things like our people prefer. To serve them well, the things you want to achieve the ultimate, the ultimate price, the quality of the ultimate.


was in the venture, we did not want to do the business is much larger, there is no thought of doing much faster, because the last round of business done fast, a few years to a company to do the 2 billion from zero, it is almost impossible. But this growth is not necessarily a good thing, you see it on the outside, a feather, numerous consumer complaints, the heart.

Wang Zhiquan entrepreneurship two years summary 5 business experiments

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