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IIS Web server permissions set in two places, one is the NTFS file system permissions, the other is the IIS site -> site -> -> properties; the main directory (or site directory attributes -> -> directory) panel. The two places are closely related. Below I will explain how to set up an example of permissions.

IIS under the site -> site -> attribute -> the main directory (or site directory -> property -> directory) panel:

script resource access




access records


6 options. Of these 6 options, "record access" and "index resources" have little to do with security. However, if the first four permissions are not set, then these two permissions are not necessary. In setting permissions, remember this rule can be, in the example of the latter is no longer specifically set the two permissions.

also in the 6 options below the drop-down list and execute permissions:

pure script

pure script and executable program

3 options.

and site directory if the NTFS partition (recommended by this) you also need to set the appropriate permissions on the directory NTFS on the partition, many places have introduced set permissions for everyone, in fact it is not good, in fact, as long as the set of Internet guest account (IUSR_xxxxxxx) or IIS_WPG group account permissions can the. If it is set ASP.

S permissions set tutorial reference

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