2011, in all industries is undoubtedly the most compelling e-commerce field. Whether the previous "group purchase station", or to the current B2B market competition. No doubt to all enterprises to open a new way of thinking marketing model – marketing has become a network era.

for some traditional enterprises, through a number of traditional marketing tools have been difficult to form a major change in the market today. If you want to completely open the sales channels, enterprises must introduce new ideas and new methods. The development of e-commerce today, just for today’s traditional enterprises to provide a good opportunity and platform. Here we talk about the traditional business development of e-commerce which way to go.

traditional enterprises to develop e-commerce channels

a self built platform, account marketing new world

so-called self built platform is an enterprise to use their own resources to build their own, completely independent online shopping or publicity platform and enterprise sites. This pattern is the most common and simplest method. It is also the first step for most enterprises to develop e-commerce. This model has many of its own characteristics. Including some foot. Here we have a simple understanding of the following:

1, the advantages of

self built platform, it is precisely because of the use of a company’s own resources built, then there are some problems in the operation will soon be found, but also will be resolved quickly. For this platform also has the most direct management authority, will not be disturbed by the outside world. Freedom of action. Ideologically more subjective.

2, defect

because the platform is completed and operated by a single enterprise, in its network resources, management resources, investment and other aspects of energy is limited. Because an enterprise can not only operate such a platform. In e-commerce, especially in network marketing, network promotion is very important, and this will require a lot of network resources. It is precisely because of this, many companies will build their own website, but its role has begun to change. Most of the company’s Web site has become a corporate external propaganda window, but not when it comes to the focus of marketing. It is precisely because of this, many companies have chosen a new e-commerce marketing model. This is the next step we will talk about e-commerce platform.

two, seek resource sharing, open a new e-commerce platform

to now, due to the rapid development of e-commerce has extended a number of outstanding e-commerce platform service providers. But the electronic commerce platform has been so favorable, mainly provides a lot of new information resources and e-commerce platform for many traditional enterprises, some enterprises have even small e-commerce opportunities. So what are the advantages of e-commerce platform for its traditional enterprises in the marketing process?


How traditional enterprises to seize the e-commerce market

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