March 13th news, the latest was informed that the sale will be sold in Beijing time on March 16, 2015, the detailed description of the Amoy consignment merchandise with the image of the chain to deal with.


when aliexpress sellers editing Amoy consignment merchandise, a detailed description of the chain in the picture with the system will be automatically changed to the safety of the network address, the system will also put the pictures onto the picture in the bank backup.

"but in the process of storage may be a failure, the image of the chain will be removed, the picture is not displayed in the detailed description." In this regard, aliexpress suggestions related to the seller will have the chain, then download the picture picture uploaded to the bank, then in publishing and editing Amoy consignment merchandise select the picture you can avoid not displayed.

it is reported that the external link is only stored in the image of the bank space in the picture, the picture is displayed in the network address is not sold through the platform of the domain name address. The scouring and selling chain processing is not aimed at non Amoy consignment goods, non Amoy consignment merchandise has no effect.

aliexpress said, the Amoy consignment merchandise picture outside the chain of processing is mainly because the aliexpress platform Amoy consignment merchandise there are a lot of external links. The picture, easy to produce by third party companies to get into the code to store risk data, this is in order to ensure the data security and the seller to enhance the user experience of buyers.

it is understood that the Amoy consignment is a platform for the sale of the speed of the seller to provide a product release tool that can help the seller to Taobao commodity information convenient, fast batch import speed selling platform. The overseas buyers in the fast selling platform for the seller to sell the product orders issued after the sale of the seller through the purchase from Taobao, after inspection, can be directly sent to overseas buyers, in order to achieve the Amoy consignment process.

Amoy outside the chain has to sell the image of the loopholes in the sale of emergency treatment

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