recently, the negative news group purchase more and more users as one falls, another rises, cautious wait-and-see attitude of group purchase, and their consumption behavior is more rational, do not want to simply rely on price to early "touched" pocket. Perhaps, a large group of companies rely on strong capital operation, can occupy an increasing market share, or profit or flat is unknown. But the regular customer service return, consumer complaints and other bad records even well-known network group purchase reputation got very messy. Companies focus on business model, is the use of marketing to chase consumers to build the brand, and follow-up services did not keep up, did not really allow users to enjoy the benefits. In fact, the ability to maintain loyal users can tap greater commercial value. I will analyze the problems of enterprise group purchase from the following aspects, explore the commercial value of group purchase business lost.

cost side

first, companies consider costs, lower costs, which is understandable. Many companies poured money into brand, expand the marketing scale ignored the commodity itself, reduce the group purchase of goods and services required to cut costs, care for this and lose that. Should pay more attention to product innovation, in order to introduce high-quality, innovative products to meet customer demand for shopping, get more repeat customers to solve the irrational allocation of resources.

secondly, buy often seen in order to seize the market to a certain gimmick to low prices as a means of propaganda, the price war unprecedented fierce. The arbitrary price and other undesirable competition will only increase the cost of marketing, so that the money spent on the blade.

finally, should see the whole social impetuous society, rely on capital operation to gain greater benefits, venture capital funds to throw the helve after the hatchet is easy to cause the broken chain, rob Peter to pay Paul increased risk, not to say, the human cost of capital in consumption.


buy only the pursuit of the results of enterprises only consider short-term gains, do not focus on long-term development. Performance in the enterprise is not willing to spend money to create a professional service team, not to make the site more professional, the use of a more professional buy mode so that customers and businesses benefit. More want to rely on the funds in the short term to play a big hit the brand, to expand the market share buy.


we have been saying, really let potential customers into loyal customers is a group purchase of goods and services itself, but this point is not how much does the enterprise group purchase. Buy a lot of places where the site is very similar to the goods, the same service providers, which alone to buy more concessions to attract users. What is more, group purchase network to provide substandard and hoarding goods, under the banner of cheating consumers cheap preferential. This group of companies at the expense of good faith at the expense of the responsibility to earn no moral profit margins.

business road

companies want to become bigger and stronger, so as to circle more money. Large group with strong financial support to get a huge return on investment, in order to emulate, more companies want to storm overnight

Buy thin operation can not continue to play the price card