has always been known for the high cost of millet mobile phone, although each generation are subject to widespread concern after the release, but supply problems arising due to capacity has been criticized and questioned by the user.

in Tucao users to grab "after 4 years, millet announced in 2014" Rice noodles Festival "is no longer under wired conference, it is a large-scale online sales activities. Lei Jun, founder of the company, chairman of millet rice festival to explain the changes, the rice festival for the electricity supplier sector is a rite of millet, is a test, the significance of the extraordinary."

the evening of April 8th, millet official sales data: in the 12 hour event, millet official website received a total of 2 million 260 thousand orders, 1 million 300 thousand mobile phone sold (including Hong Kong and Taiwan and Singapore 100 thousand), more than 1 billion 500 million yuan in sales, accessories sales of over 100 million yuan, the day of delivery 200 thousand orders, a total of 15 million people participated in Rice noodles festival.

Lei Jun said this, one million sales orders will become the norm for the whole week millet net electricity supplier, currently millet in crazy expansion, March supply has reached 5 million 800 thousand units in April will reach this level". At the same time, he pointed out that in the delivery speed is faster than before, to ensure that 40% of the user orders received within hours. From the attitude of Lei Jun millet can be seen after 4 years of growth, determined to get rid of the storm of delivery.

pressure left to

in 2013 during the eleven double Tmall, millet opened the first three minutes of sales have exceeded billion. But when millet as its own brand of electronic business platform, will face greater pressure. In Lei opinion, this is the only way which must be passed in the development of millet.

Lei Jun said that the traditional business model of the mobile phone industry is being subversive Internet mobile phone, mobile phone industry e-commerce-based competition will rapidly expand in the coming year, the mobile phone industry will be the new Internet business model transformation.

Li Wanqiang, vice president of millet

millet is also essentially an electricity supplier companies, a complete electricity supplier system and logistics system, 70% of the channel weight borne by the millet network. Turning to the future of millet supply plan, he said, millet has been in technology, warehousing, logistics, customer service aspects of adequate preparation to ensure that the user experience.

millet logistics official said, millet logistics center team has expanded from 400 to 1500 people, while the new opened in Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing and Guangzhou warehouse. Add opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan and other storage center, millet now has 10 storage centers in the mainland, overseas and Shenzhen free trade zone and Taiwan two storage centers, a total of 12 storage centers, basic to build a logistics distribution network support millet electricity supplier.

in the Rice noodles day, logistics delivery reached a peak of 300 thousand millet single:

Lei named millet electricity supplier to get rid of the storm of delivery