has a right to speak on the domain of Shenyang, today just wrote a "domain of wealth bloody calmly domain investment project", introduced some typical case of domain name investment, with a large amount of data to illustrate the common domain name investors should treat the domain name investment projects with the common heart. I agree with the views of Shenyang, because I am also concerned about the domain name, the domain name investors (corn) are fanatical, persistent attitude towards the domain name, I would also like to say a few words:

1, since, by corn are regarded as the classic "google.cn" domain name investment business, the original is this: domain name registration google.cn, start investment registered CN domain from 1998 Chinese American Mr. Zhao’s company, the company has invested in 8 years Chinese Internet industry of about 150 million yuan, of which half from the U.S. venture capital, private capital is half of Mr. zhao. In addition, Mr. Zhao himself owned investment company also registered CN domain the total value of 15 million yuan, the annual CN domain renewal in 80 to 1 million 200 thousand yuan per month, the new registered 50-300 CN domain name, also sold some valuable CN domain, CN domain name has hands between 5000-6000 a. As far as I know, only with Blog related CN domain name, Mr. Zhao’s company registered nearly 40, which is in 2003. Speaking of these little-known stories just want to remind investors do not understand the trip, success is not an idea or inspiration, but the backing of the funds on the protracted war". (Shenyang)

from a typical example of this can be seen, the domain name investment is big, professional sale. It’s not like ordinary people think, it’s luck. Thus, the domestic fanaticism of ordinary corn to make less money, more trouble.

2, the media reported: 08 years at the end of June, the number Chinese domain name.CN at the end of the 12 million 200 thousand, more than the.DE at the end of the German domain name (12 million 100 thousand), ranked first in the world. In this case, the investment CN domain name is worth it? Domain name investment, the first entry must have the advantage of the overwhelming entry.

3, the domain name, had its value in use, if you register a, several or tens of thousands of thousands, as long as you use, and let the domain than you put the value of greater value, so it is worth the investment domain. If the domain name investment, there is no visible now and there is an ideal future, then, no matter how much you think in the hands of the value of the domain name, are useless. The domain name is a kind of property, but it is not a fixed asset, you need to constantly invest in it (renewals) to retain the right to use it.

4, would like to register to sell, and will never be able to compare those registered with the. Because the former always want to take a chance, but the latter is mainly rely on to produce value. Want to make money by buying and selling domain names, always feel like buying lottery tickets to millions of prizes. Shenyang also said: CN>

Attitude towards domain name investment