[Abstract] startups SmarterHQ try to improve the relevance of commodity recommendation, which may change the current model of amazon.


Tencent Francisco August 10th, "Forbes" magazine nearly journal article said, a startup company called SmarterHQ is trying to define the electricity supplier on consumer groups in real time, user behavior data, improve the relevance of the commodity recommendation. This may change Amazon’s current model.

below is the full text of the article:

into the third week of July, the electricity supplier market, a start-up company SmarterHQ attracted the attention of the industry as a whole. Shopping center management company Simon Property Group Simon Venture Group’s venture sector led the company’s round of financing, financing amounted to $8 million.

the investment has attracted a lot of media coverage, and investment itself is also an important indicator of future changes.

Amazon recently released quarterly earnings, but ironically, Amazon’s profit is mainly due to the cloud computing business sector AWS. On the other hand, Amazon’s market capitalization reached $265 billion, higher than WAL-MART’s $30 billion.

at the same time, after obtaining $8 million investment, SmarterHQ is still working on technology development, electricity providers to promote a new era of personalization.

no doubt, SmarterHQ is not the only one trying to subvert the electricity supplier market startups. Last month, we saw the emergence of Jet.com. Insiders believe that, with the new pricing model, Jet.com will pose a threat to the amazon. Simply put, Jet.com charge membership fees, while providing members with a cheaper price. In this process, the company for the supply chain of all the low efficiency factors were optimized.

SmarterHQ does not intend to join the electricity supplier price war through new products or new business model. The company focused on another field of electricity providers, and this field has not been developed for a long time.

form changing retail sites

when consumers browse the web site using SmarterHQ technology, this platform can recommend to the user the most likely to buy their products, even if the user does not have any purchase history on the site. The company achieved this goal through the use of environmental data, descriptive pattern scores, and predictive models.

in theory, the prediction model can achieve all the time in the artificial enough to do everything. However, ordinary retailers, or large retail giants, usually do not have time to consider a variety of inventory scenarios based on inventory. The total number of stock units (SKU) of these retailers is often >

SmarterHQ push electricity supplier personalized or subversion Amazon