technology news April 1st morning news, Ali health (00241.HK) announced today the Alibaba and Tmall Group signed a three year exclusive service agreement, Tmall healthcare business, and to charge a service fee. Released from the announcement of the service agreement, Ali should provide health including Tmall healthcare business investment, customer service, operations, outsourcing and value-added services to Tmall, Tmall will pay to Ali health service costs.

through the service agreement, the Group believes that it will be the development of integrated services provider as the main body of Tmall, and the development of more capacity to serve more of China’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industry participants. The service agreement will provide a new source of revenue for the group to benefit from the development of Tmall healthcare." Announcement said.

in addition, the announcement said the two sides are still actively explore the major business department of health food, dietary supplements and traditional nourishment business into Ali health possibility, and may reach a final agreement in the shortest time. Compared with Ali had to be injected into the health of Tmall online pharmaceutical business compared to the health care products business is obviously greater asset.

Alibaba Group has confirmed to the company still support the company as Alibaba’s Admiral Company to carry out health care business and establish a link China healthcare market participants in the online community, consistent with the mission of organic growth and investment strategy." Notice that, the service agreement for the group to provide further development of its expertise in the field of medical and health care in China electricity supplier opportunities."

2015, Alibaba entered into a long-term strategic goals Double H ", will be healthy and happy as the direction of development of Alibaba in the next ten years, Ali group Alibaba in the field of health, health is the only stake in the company, has been regarded as the" Alibaba in the medical health field flagship platform". The message released Ali health in the announcement, confirmed that the Alibaba group will be Ali health as the health care business flagship decision and determination not only did not change, but also hope that through the new asset injection, to further strengthen the health of Ali in the realm of health extension ability.

announcement also revealed that the current Chinese medical and pharmaceutical industry there is a great deal of uncertainty, therefore, after the expiration date of the share purchase agreement, the transaction is no longer delayed acquisitions. "The final deadline has not been extended, the share purchase agreement has been terminated automatically after the expiry date of March 31, 2016 and the proposed acquisition has lapsed."

not long ago, Ali was involved in health events v. state food and Drug Administration of the pharmacy, to prove innocence, Ali will soon announce health, is the operation and maintenance of the electronic drug supervision network transfer to the State Food and drug administration, but Ali health is also expressed in a statement, will not give up to participate in the health and medical reform at the beginning the heart and stick to. Informed sources, the above situation allows Ali health related policies may

Ali health officially took over Tmall medicine or more business injection

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