have been CMS pigs living through one of the highest frequency module used in O2O system, so the technical personnel pig O2O also increasingly high demand for fast store module, constantly optimize the details of the function also in the continued development of new features, make fast store module can meet more users.


so we live through the pig O2O CMS fast store module, will be opened in early 2017 and opened a new business model – the next line of retail, PC end of the Fast Retailing Operations background.

simply say that the fast store module can not only take the form of online takeaway, but also can use the fast store module for offline retail.

online mode:

fans through the platform and pay the amount of the single, after the merchant orders by the platform or the clerk of the distribution clerk in the delivery of goods within the specified time on the hands of the fans, simply to take away.

offline mode:

Good selection of merchandise

fans online store after by the merchant in the PC end fast store retail operations background to select the appropriate goods or directly scan code, finally by calculating the background after the completion of charging, referred to as the line retail.

data unification:

fast shop online and offline mode can be performed at the same time, is through the O2O system through the CMS pigs live fast store mode of operation, it shows that the business data can be unified management platform, so the store data is integrated management.

order uniform:

either online or offline purchase order goods, because they are unified through the fast store module operation, so the order is of course a unified summary. Unified management orders, then in the statistical data is more convenient, easy to manage and operate.

inventory unification:

either online or offline purchase, are the use of uniform inventory data. Merchant inventory by fast store module unified management, whether online or offline inventory information synchronization changes.

for example a yellow chicken stew set a total of 10 special offer business meals, sold a total of 4 line, line a total of 4 copies sold, then show the fast store inventory is 2 copies of the remaining background.

easy to operate:

fast store module to open the line under the retail mode, so that businesses can quickly manage the online and offline orders through the fast store module. The platform can also increase the number of orders for businesses, and get a certain order pumping.

so we have a lot of user-friendly management functions in the background of the retail background of the PC terminal.

support membership card:

pig CMS life through the O2O system to support business membership cards, so in order to meet the maintenance of the members of the business, fast shop line >

Shop order management system customization development pig O2O fast shop open retail line module

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