I believe that 99.9% of the success comes from the soft

if you don’t agree with me, please turn off at the top right. Thank you! If you keep reading, Congratulations, this is an article worth two hundred thousand yuan. The benefits of soft Wen, I do not have to say, because Lu Songsong blog is a high IQ crowd. A successful soft Wen, caused by the nuclear fission type flow is unpredictable, we all know, the Internet marketing, I was younger in this regard. But I think I write soft than most people are strong. Not much to say, on the dry cargo.

two. Avoid colloquial

spoken language is an important standard for the impact of the article. So I studied 150 known almost successful soft Wen, 70% written language is well written, not spoken, but I found that there are still 30% soft spoken, writing is not good, but the fire. Under the condition of serious spoken language, how to succeed.

searched my memory, I finally see Ren Zhiqiang in micro-blog micro-blog found the answer to this question. Ren Zhiqiang is very poor, and how to write a good article, I know you want to know but I want to tell you in to a.


three. Column digital data

cited figures can compensate for the defects of the style of writing. The benefits of a lot of columns, from the analysis of this article, the beginning of the introduction of the ten elements. This title in ten actually played a decisive factor, most people think it is difficult to write, but see ten points, you can easily write two hundred thousand soft, ten and two hundred thousand for comparison, this is too simple. Input output ratio, why not come in and see.

99% owners succeed in soft Wen, this is definitely my nonsense, but because the number on it, you in a moment, whether to believe that he is really? Ren Zhiqiang wrote articles, such as digital reference, accurate data, so the readability is very professional.

Wong Kar Wai masterpiece "days of being wild" No. sixteen, April 16th. You will be with me for a minute before three p.m. on April 16, 1960, because of you, I will remember this minute. From now on we are friends for a minute, it’s a fact that you can’t change, because it’s over. I’ll be back tomorrow.

this kind of pragmatism, we do not particularly like him this article, but he does not suck this article powder artifact, he is how to write literary effects. Rely on the number, a large number of figures, will increase the credibility of your article in the user.

four. Citing celebrity effect

like I used to quote Ren Zhiqiang. This is also a psychological hint, free celebrity advertising.

five. Using social hot spots

social hot spot means that many people pay attention to this matter

Do these ten, you can easily write the value of two hundred thousand soft

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