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this case is not very smooth, it is not very successful, but very typical, I want to say is: optimization is a spiral, a little problem to overcome the process. The software mentioned in this paper involves several vendors.

San Emily flagship store before finding me, respectively, tried to promote the outsourcing and self built team, has lost about 1000000. "The seller" has published a special report to him, is typical of a traditional enterprise into Tmall’s frustration and panghuang.

was poor store base, almost no place to start. But there is a big wheel, good code evaluation customer retention rates. We decided from the start, first worked a variety of shops, to improve the situation.

after a period of time, and now this has been made into a small explosion, ranking 20-30 in data cube bra selling a single product is stable, non steel ring bra, bra size main keywords in the search term first and two positions.

below to share this section of the initial process to do a detailed record of each step of success and failure.


(red point as the breakthrough point)

because the baby is still in the promotion, please forgive some specific details can not be posted.

a. Transformation bottleneck analysis

at that time the baby customer evaluation is good, but poor conversion. Transformation has at least 3 bottlenecks, these 3 bottlenecks in many shops can be seen:

1) price is not appropriate. The price is high, shop decoration and baby description is relatively poor, the value and price of customer perception does not match.

2) baby based low sales, the lack of convincing "field", did not follow the trend of effect

3) the description of the goods "have no soul, no interface" focus on boasting, lack of credibility and the impact of

two. Phase 1: preparation

1 describes optimization (failure)

stores in accordance with our proposal, with the description to do a lot of optimization work, but the change did not bring significant changes to describe the conversion rate. This step is not expected to progress. This may be because we do not understand the customer, it may be enough to convince the baby sales force. This link suddenly stuck.

comments: it is necessary to optimize the description before the promotion, but in fact, many times the optimization description did not achieve the desired results. This may be due to the optimization described lack of skill, such as insufficient understanding, customer and product with the opponent did not have enough difference.. > >

How to sell a bra in Tmall last month 500 thousand yuan

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