has many webmaster friends to my website to do, website optimization is doing, after a few days of waiting and did not find your site traffic to the expected rise, only increased the daily duration of. No flow site will not have conversion. That how to make the site traffic explosion up?

1 features

for a web site, the content is presented to the user, the user is not satisfied with your product is to look at your content, the search engine to the site’s content is also a very important factor. If a site does not make a feature, and all of the sites are the same, it is not fresh, the user clicks on the desire to reduce, traffic will not rise, make the most relevant content for the industry but also to the distinctive. The site has the characteristics of easy to remember, the next time you need to think of your website.

2.SNS community promotion

SNS community is now popular, renren.com, happy net is in the home of a fire, renren.com is for students to alumni based SNS community, graduated from university students love on renren.com, if you there are many people who follow you if you can. Here are some articles or some advertising to increase your website traffic. It also gives you a lot of potential customers. Happy because of stealing food this game a fire. The same is true in these communities, you send a number of high quality articles, and the content of your site after the article with your link, greatly enhance the flow of your site and visibility. If you re organize these features, such as the title of the party, you can imagine that the flow is more impressive. But one thing to note is that not too "title party", also want to have contact with the content of the website, or others at a time when no second times, the site is to have continuous development.

3 mail promotion

here is not like those who do mail promotion emails to all users directly tieguanyin. Instead, look for your potential customers and submit them to the user. We just need to do their own, traffic will continue to increase steadily.

4 micro-blog promotion


is definitely in 2011 the most awesome promotion tools, definitely will give your website to bring a lot of traffic, but also the quality of the IP. Micro-blog put your potential customers together, you send a message, you can receive all the fans. Interested can go to browse, so that the child will increase the flow of your site. Note that you do not have to send ads in micro-blog, the best is not to send advertising, send some useful knowledge related to your website industry, to attract users. If you have been advertising, fans will be disgusted, perhaps cancel your attention, it is less a potential customer and traffic.

site traffic explosion does not

Stone Ji site traffic soared cheats

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