Taobao seller Zhang recently very depressed, he put the ad hit a sudden rise of 20%, is not normal." Mr. Zhang said. Even more so that he is helpless, click on the buyer to take all of his stock, but do not pay, but also more clearly under the online connection, please immediately ‘stop’!

Zhang understand their ads have suffered a malicious click. In the past few days, some of his peers in order to avoid being malicious clicks to pay more advertising fees, has been forced to withdraw from the Taobao search results on the right side of the train advertising.

and this is seen as more than an organization is an organization for Taobao’s Revenge action. Some reporters from the seller informed that from the beginning of last week, a QQ group began to spread among the seller, we call the malicious click "through train", Mr. Zhang believes that this is the " opponents" draw more people to boycott the search rankings new tricks.

from July 8th onwards, Taobao search ranking optimization amendments to the rules, the seller refund, the number of factors such as the number of complaints and disputes related with service quality will directly affect the search ranking, and announced the seven search cheating, including credit speculation, misplaced categories and attributes, abuse of keywords cheat tricks have become the object of the rectification the.

it is understood that the part of the seller to use credit speculation, misplaced category and abuse of keywords and other methods to help their products get high position in the search results, but now no longer allowed, so some people began to boycott Taobao’s new regulations, and try to make the purchase of advertising sellers also turn off the search advertising, join the boycott camp. A person who had joined the boycott of the QQ group of sellers told reporters, "the group said at first to help adults, but there are often discussed brush drill and hype credit, whether to join the opposition camp, I also feel puzzled."

In the face of Taobao

sellers encounter threat, responsible person told reporters yesterday that the seller will disturb the market order of the joint public security organs thorough investigation in the end. As for the adjustment of the search rules caused controversy, Taobao also stressed that the purpose of the adjustment is to support the integrity of the seller, will not stop".

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Taobao new regulations encountered to resist the seller was threatened

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