another year passed in November 11th. On this day in 2015, only the total consumption of Alibaba Tmall platform reached 91 billion 217 million, almost all created by the Chinese people.


in these 24 hours, the peak value of Alibaba system transactions reached 140 thousand pen per second, the peak value of payment of up to 85 thousand and 900 pen per second. Compared to the first eleven in 2009, the order to create a peak growth of 350 times, to pay the peak growth of 430 times. The Alibaba set up credit payment "flower chanting" to complete the transaction, accounted for 8.5% of the total transaction amount of the Alipay one day. On this day, Alipay completed 710 million payment, beyond VISA, a global payment platform.

rookie logistics deal with the number of orders received at 11 noon at 12, it has reached a total of 2014 double the total logistics orders for the day of eleven. The first year, Ali has more than 8000 Rural Taobao site in the double eleven this day all of the trading behavior, the largest turnover of rural orders is a value of more than 500 thousand of Porsche.

current double eleven, Ali in the official propaganda caliber unified as a prominent global label. In the Tmall platform, within 24 hours of participation of consumer shopping, women accounted for 70%, concentrated in the age between 23 to 35 years old, mother, beauty, health care, food, care, clothing and digital home appliances accounted for most of the overseas business orders.

throughout the Tmall platform, clothing, beauty, mother and digital home appliances are also the most important areas of consumer focus. The field of fashion in 11 days ten morning finished 20 turnover of billions of dollars of business, beauty products to more than double the eleven Tmall beauty in all day long last year at eight o’clock in the morning sales of newly added Ali travel more than two hundred million turnover in the 16 points of the 11 am zero, a car has reached the value of in November 11th last year the turnover in the two in the morning all day long.

Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, become the highest consumption in the province’s top five. The top five countries are the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Australia, with the highest turnover of Tmall. Wireless terminal turnover accounted for 68%, far more than calendar year.


so, Ma Yun in the evening of 11 admitted: Double eleven is the best way to stimulate domestic demand; double eleven may be longer than the life of Alibaba.

so, the Alibaba at the end of the day and declared: this year there will be no less than a double size of eleven "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival"

so, I just bought two boxes of drinking water and four bottles of toilet liquid, I want to be quiet.

Double eleven settled, it looks like everything is selling well

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