for a sale of mobile phone APP, you can think of the platform activities which buy, spike, lottery tickets, as well as Jingdong 618 this time in a fixed time to play special…… In the process of electricity supplier marketing mode in the fun never stop innovation.

by your purchase, a new on-line mobile phone sales as a means of profit APP, open the brain hole, joined the online game elements, in the APP platform launched [mission] enter the game.


you buy [big] is to pass through the tasks in common online games, to complete the task, slays the future victory. But the difference is that online games each level can get equipment or title, and by your purchase of the [task] through each checkpoints, customs, not only won the title, but also get real cash prizes. A total of 11 clearance, customs clearance of the user, each person can receive a cash prize of $10 thousand.

Since the start of the

game, 97.2% of active users have invested in the dynamic clearance game. Thus, [mission] through the strict sense does not belong to online games, online games are more than attractive.

a APP, which allows users to buy the whole network lowest licensed mobile phone and even Jingdong have no goods Apple Watch also allows users to experience the excitement of the game, it allows users to play games, do the task to make money. Do you like by purchase this headstrong APP, I believe will be able to jump out of the tight encirclement in the competitive electricity supplier, has become a dark horse.

You see from the purchase of electricity supplier is how to use the elements to make online games

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