DoNews April 21st news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) since the beginning of the full force of the rural market in 2015, Jingdong accelerated in the countryside in the year of 2014, expanding rural electricity supplier business. According to reports, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong recently led dozens of executives, including CXO, vice president, went to Hebei County, Guan rural electricity supplier market research, and held a seminar in the field of Guan County village.

Liu Qiangdong proposed the future development of the rural electricity supplier Jingdong "3F strategy" at the meeting, including industrial products into rural strategy (Factory to Country), the rural financial strategy (Finance to Country) and strategic (Farm to fresh Table).

industrial products into the rural strategy based on (Factory to Country), refers to the Jingdong will upgrade for the rural logistics system, allowing farmers to buy fertilizers and pesticides and other agricultural products and daily necessities, household appliances, mobile phone and other industrial commodities;

The strategy of

(Finance to Country Rural Finance) is through Jingdong IOUs, microfinance and other innovative financial products, to help farmers solve the difficult to borrow money, the loan is difficult, high cost problems;

(Farm to Table fresh electricity supplier strategy) refers to the Jingdong through big data technology, the farmer’s agricultural planting and city consumers of agricultural products demand for efficient docking, the farm to the city directly from the fields of the table.

BOE side said, in the "3F" of rural electricity supplier strategy, build a network coverage in rural areas is particularly important, it is not only the agricultural and industrial products into the logistics distribution network and marketing network, is also an important strategy of rural financial credit data acquisition network and wide network, and is fresh in the strategy fresh agricultural products of network information collection and procurement network.


of this network by Jingdong owned County Service Center, rural cooperative and rural cooperative promotion and integration of social resources to help Jingdong service shop, the Jingdong to help service shop for bulky goods, marketing, distribution, installation, maintenance, maintenance and other services.

industry believes that the development of rural electricity supplier is in the policy dividend period. This year NPC and CPPCC period, "Internet plus" concept was first written into the government work report, the central document also said that the support of electricity providers, logistics, trade, finance and other enterprises to participate in the construction of agricultural business platform, to carry out the business of rural comprehensive demonstration point.

from the market situation, as of December 2013, the scale of rural Internet users reached 177 million, accounting for the total number of users of the country’s total of 28.6%. 2014 the total market value of the country’s rural online shopping more than 180 billion yuan, in 2016 will exceed $460 billion. In addition to Jingdong, Alibaba and Suning and other electricity providers are also stepping up the layout of rural electricity providers giant.

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Liu Qiangdong led Jingdong executives to expand rural rural electricity supplier business

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