the past 6 years, Tmall ten a handy feed Jingdong and, businesses in the double eleven to sell the rest of the goods to the Jingdong, the success of their business model." This is the Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong held in the day before the first Juhuasuan businesses will be "heaven" of a speech.

Ali’s eleven from the beginning of 2009, has been held for 6 years, every year, double the carnival is a feast of Internet users are eleven. Last year, double eleven, turnover exceeded $57 billion 100 million, while Zhang Yongzheng was the commander in chief.

Zhang Yong appears in the double eleven created the success of Ali, but also by the "feed" Jingdong, these rival And then, Ali to "net", must not let outsiders tian.

Zhang Yong said: today, we have 350 million of the purchase of users, we have the ability to build a full life cycle of marketing scenarios, a number of marketing scenarios, a number of sales channels. Energy-saving."

is reported that Ali will provide a unified interface for the business and customer managers, cross platform solutions. With commodity life cycle perspective, planning sales scene, full channel digital marketing, by using the mom rookie, let the enterprise supply chain more efficient in logistics, businesses will also be able to use import and export platform, and hit the rural channel.

Ali has Taobao, Tmall, and now there are Juhuasuan, Amoy buy. From the life cycle of the products, including daily sales, new starter, and sell goods discount clearing platform. Today, we have the ability to build the whole life cycle of the marketing scene, both to help businesses protect the brand, when the sale of new goods and help businesses sell new goods, the second-hand second-hand." Zhang Yong said.

Ali said that the eleven by the Jingdong double feed to tear the hip to the more violent.

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