shop business is getting more and more fire, a number of college graduates to start a business choice. Reporter recently learned from the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, to encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship, open shop in Wuhan in the future of college students can enjoy the highest 30 thousand yuan guarantee fund to facilitate college students from bank loans.

in the past, a loan to college students’ entrepreneurship, but have no financial guarantees. This year, Wuhan social Bureau will implement students start to lead the program, 30 thousand yuan to provide the highest guarantee for college students to shop, helping students to acquire small loans from banks. At the same time, the establishment of entrepreneurial index of college students, to grasp the implementation of entrepreneurship policy of college students, to further deepen business services, promote entrepreneurial achievements, promote effective docking between social capital and innovation project.

Jia Yaobin, executive vice mayor of the city of Wuhan, said that one of the biggest resources in Wuhan is the University, the urban levels of human institutions should do everything possible to keep college students in Wuhan. At the same time, actively cultivate the main body of the network, so that more college students in China to achieve the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wuhan Agency Bureau official said that Wuhan will actively build for the students the characteristics of business service platform, accelerate the introduction of municipal college students entrepreneurship incubator support measures, research to promote the development of small loans issued by the speed of the policies and measures, and the annual issuance of small loans to 450 million yuan, the new enterprise 25 thousand, promote employment 110 thousand people.

Wuhan college students open shop can get 30 thousand yuan guarantee fund

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