recently a lot of students in the school have entered the company to work, and most of the work is done with professional counterparts marketing category. We entered the company after the first time is to hope that the company can appear in the Baidu encyclopedia, become an authoritative recognition. So recently, many friends are asking me how to write Baidu encyclopedia, why has not been written by themselves. There are also a lot of friends to write a good entry to me, I do not know why I did not pass, so I do not know how to get to the analysis.

In fact,

encyclopedia is not all in the content can not be passed, and sometimes with a lot of factors are closely related. I have to write an encyclopedia for more than 2 years, from the beginning of the preparation has been trouble to write now also summed up some experience, I would like to share with you today:

Wikipedia entry itself

in the preparation of the Baidu encyclopedia, we will make a good topic for their own encyclopedia and content, but in this topic and content will often appear some problems:

encyclopedia to write the title

when we enter Baidu encyclopedia will go through a series of simple introduction and examination, if carefully read a friend in general will know, Wikipedia entry title is generally a name, so there are many people to write entries will appear as a result of interrogative adjective, not through the entry the problem.

1, adjectives. We write an entry called: Peng jian. The name of the entry we can directly named: Peng Jian, but not for the name of Peng Jian to add a modifier: the tall of the Peng Jian. So this is also Peng Jian’s blog has not written the reasons for wikipedia.

2, interrogative words. Some website webmaster want to own website C to write, eventually leading to entry by. We should be using the name of the site as the name of the Wikipedia entry in the preparation of the website encyclopedia, such as: bad egg gift street.

3, meaningless words. We are in the compilation of the encyclopedia, the thing that is written on the Encyclopedia of a page for all users to learn the use of communication. So we need not write some meaningless words such as when writing the Encyclopedia: Poly classic, this one is the first to hear the words if they don’t know what is the meaning in the dictionary, and other places can not find, so he is not to be included in Baidu encyclopedia. But sometimes a nonsense word is our website name, such as we have just said poly classic is a network studio name, but literally we cannot interpret his meaning, so I have to provide reference as proof, let Wikipedia censor clear knowledge and understanding of the word what is that.

encyclopedia content writing problem


How to create Baidu encyclopedia entries

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