haven’t cast professional draft, customer service is a bit busy but also many new ideas and methods are summarized from today, and talk about how the SEO/SEM proposal to the project strategy about the very professional, the most important thing is the marketing strategy is the universal Oh, any one industry or can be used on the project.


1 why the project must talk about strategy

you know the teacher is facing the general explosion brand customers, their needs are completely, must see the sponsors overall marketing ideas and practices are logical and service of the scene. Not all of us have been shouting SEO is outside the chain + content, SEM is bid + creative. If this is the case you can not talk about such customers, because not professional. So the strategy is the overall direction of the project to go, how to maximize the use of resources in the implementation of.

2 search marketing strategy which

there is a saying that everything is not the case, in fact, as long as the truth and the original ideal to understand, any argument is generic only how to present them out. Therefore, there are 5 nodes in the search marketing needs to know:

1) media strategy to bring out what search engines you want to help customers to do, why to do, how to do;

2) the user strategy is how the user search behavior to fasten, how can the search from the more recent


3) content strategy means how the content is written, what is the direction, and on what basis to prove that the content is valid;

4) rhythm strategy provides us with how to optimize the force, whether there is a rhythm and before and after the frequency;

5) media strategy is how to create a search ecosystem through UGC, the audience will always be controlled in their own plate;

3 how to use these strategies to the program?

in the past many road are mentioned. The courseware proposal writing skills, here is not to do more. But for the above 5 strategies how to write and say I want to share with you.

The concept of

media strategy is the integration and partition, you are going to touch to help customers make full flow coverage or accurate flow is the key words. In general, we say that the search engine SEM to do is to get new customers, SEO do is the core word conversion in different search engines are such a truth. Baidu is still full of audience in the domestic media, so the main is to take the amount of DaTouZhen, so SEM is certain to vote for the SEO has high conversion words and mobile terminal industry in PC terminal; then need to tell the customers if put 360 words is what meaning, for example, is to make up the amount for 360 a large domestic based browser users, to guide the search flow is there, and relatively high-end users 360 points. < >

Teacher to teach you to write universal universal search marketing strategy