in Zhongguancun, Liu Chuanzhi, Robin Li on the seven member of the Standing Committee said what


(review) in September 30th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held the ninth collective study in Beijing Zhongguancun. This is the Politburo collective study for the first time out of Zhongnanhai, the classroom moved to Zhongguancun, the theme of the study is the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. In Zhongguancun, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, cloud computing, big data, biochip, crop precise biological breeding and quantum communication all these people seems to have become the new word Xi Jinping and other central leaders visit, the core of communication.

September 30th, at half past eight in the morning, two champagne cars, set close bus slowly pulled out of the Zhongnanhai, all the way west to the north, to Haidian Park in the vicinity of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition center. The body tinted glass, low-key from outside view.

rough estimate on the map, the distance of about 16 km. Half an hour later, the two cars arrived at the end. On the last working day before the National Day holiday, it can be called "lucky". Open the door, the mysterious Zhongnanhai "visitor" – Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang and other seven members appeared, accompanied by other members of the politburo.

this is not a general investigation, but a collective learning politburo. Is the most out of the ordinary, it is not only the first time the "classroom" out of Zhongnanhai for the first time by Redwall, entrepreneurs as "teachers".

to attract general secretary of two corn leaves

"what should the United States be really afraid of China the new generation of young people’s innovation and entrepreneurship is the real advantage of China’s future."

"cities around the world are trying to replicate Silicon Valley, but so far only one city has become Silicon Valley’s rival, Beijing."

Opposite to the colleagues of the Political Bureau of

, there are two sentences on the big screen of the central hall, which are from the Washington Post and the Massachusetts Institute of technology. CMC cited these two words explain Zhongguancun’s international influence to enhance".

CMC for the collective learning to do the preparation. About 2 months ago, I know that the leaders want to come to visit, which almost voted on this matter in the past two months, the election of entrepreneurs, we have to sum up the report." A person in charge of organizing the trip Zhongguancun CMC said.

for the exhibition hall "objects", the central leaders showed interest in full, even two pieces of corn leaves have been unusually attention — DaBeiNong explain when used the two corn leaf presentation, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, get in the hands of a "research", President Xi Jinping finally put Li Keqiang the hands of the Prime Minister of corn leaves "grab" over the length and width of a detailed two pieces of corn leaves.

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n Zhongguancun, the seven standing committee listened to Liu Chuanzhi, Robin Li said something

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