yesterday, millet technology CEO Lei Jun (left), VANCL aged CEO (left two) and Kuba CEO Ding Donghua in the business dialogue. Beijing News reporter Sun Chunxia photo

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Yixiao) the first ciftis yesterday to enter the second day, held on the same day, 2012 Chinese (Beijing) e-commerce conference, the Ministry of Commerce released 2010-2011 annual "China e-commerce development report". The report shows that in 2011 China’s total e-commerce transactions amounted to 5 trillion and 880 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 30%.

online shopping users nearly two hundred million people

data show that the scale of China’s e-commerce market continues to expand, business applications continue to deepen, the rapid increase in online shopping, the relevant service industry to follow up quickly. 2011 China’s total e-commerce transactions 5 trillion and 880 billion yuan, an increase of 29.2%, equivalent to the gross domestic product of the year of 12.5%.

Ministry of Commerce and information technology division Li Jinqi said at the meeting, in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce at the same time, also showed the following characteristics, the first is the electronic commerce to stimulate consumption obviously, at the end of 2011, Chinese online shopping users reached 194 million people, the network application rate reached 37.8%, total retail sales network 782 billion 560 million yuan, in the total retail consumption proportion reached 4.32%.

Li Jinqi said that by 2013, China is expected to become the world’s largest online retail market.

third party payment last year over two trillion

Li Jinqi, the current large enterprise Chinese has been widely used in e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises of our country electronic commerce ratio has exceeded 40%, the raw materials of online bidding and online marketing, large-scale saves the cost of enterprises. E-commerce services revenue reached 120 billion yuan last year, the size of China’s third party payment transactions reached $21610, its growth rate far exceeds the growth rate of social commodity retail sales.

"China electronic commerce development report" issued by the Ministry of Commerce since 2003 every two years, this is the Ministry of commerce so far published fifth reports.


conference will be held in Beijing intersection of the electricity supplier to build an open platform for foreign exchange of e-commerce, the 3 day conference consists of 6 activities, including domestic and foreign development of e-commerce, e-commerce application and innovation focus.

electricity supplier model city Beijing charm first

Ministry of Commerce awarding the first 34 national electricity demonstration base, Beijing accounted for two seats

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) held yesterday in 2012 China (Beijing)

Ministry of Commerce last year, 6 trillion of total electricity supplier transactions online shoppin

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