because I specialized online for any third party payment system (online payment interface exchange QQ:236142178), so will often pay attention to online payment businesses provide news bulletins and interface document change information so you don’t worry! And look at is a soft! May be very helpful to you, especially those in the domain of investment the more attention should be paid to their own corn, don’t let the most full of corn very valuable own picked by others.

at 10 in the morning to pay the interface test, found that the payment page is not online, but also that there is no official update. Enter the online banking online official website. It scared me unexpectedly jumped into the nets of expired domain name page.


is the leading online banking online payment service providers should appear this kind of circumstance, to check the information network The expiration date is: 2008-12-8 days. Screenshot:


can now confirm that the domain name is due. It should not be registered, officials have estimated that they found the problem.

then begs the question, should take good care of the cornfield us, some people may have only one corn, but certainly there are a lot of people have everything in the cornfield on it, look at the name China then fire, a lot of space out of domain name registrar trade channel will know the. The following is my personal experience, I believe that many people’s personal experience!

in mid November of this year, I met a number of my 04 years of registration of several good domain name was stolen password. At 12 in the evening, I received a text message saying that some of my most important passwords were in his hands. Just began to think that the wrong message, back to a "is not wrong," and then received the password of my common mailbox?. Bad, and then quickly access the internet……. The result is: the mailbox can not enter, several domain name registration agency account password error, including my business QQ can not login. I realized that the password leaked. Carefully recall reasons, should be our team in the development of CMS system, mail sending module test mailbox password does not modify (test convenience, directly with their usual mailbox), fortunately our customers found the problem in the test system we, but did not tell us. And then quickly sent a text message to the phone. Actually, and then learned that the password is leaked through that way (too careless). Tell us we can’t surf the Internet at night. Living in the heart of anger against him: " we are the company encountered many such things, is preparing to report, but maybe you are not blackmail. ". Ha-ha。 This guy told me to wait for him for a while and tell us all the code. So the problem is solved. A


Webmaster, while making money to keep their own piece of corn!