I’m just a rookie, do not dare to say what marketing, optimization of the road, just put my two site management process to say, for everyone to discuss

Yunnan 37 network

2007 August www.yn2007.com September, domain name registration, website online, the main business of Yunnan famous specialty of Wenshan 37, Zhaotong Tianma, now keyword ranking is good [you can search in Baidu 37, 37 flowers, 37 fly to see, but I have a loss, completely is a decoration.


before making the idea: home in Wenshan, there is a natural advantage, home grown and 37 wholesale has been for more than and 20 years, the supply of obvious advantages, home light do wholesale a year to sell dozens of tons, coupled with some tourism units in Yunnan are selling price 37, Tianma, if I get online to do how to do a good job, didn’t think carefully, is entirely wishful thinking can certainly expand sales do

two: operation: originally thought that as long as there is a website, a good product of 37 hypertension thrombosis, liver protection, there are nineteen kinds of health effects, can be said to be the king of health will be able to make money, suddenly found, I do not know how to marketing, what the original site planning, optimization, promotion the problem, slowly know there is a Baidu keyword popularity index, competition, and then find a friend website revision, later "37" keyword is my friend optimization to Baidu first ranking, so for nearly a month, not a business friend, your letter!? but it is indeed true, optimization to the first or not what, so we tried the e-mail marketing, publicity and so on the forum like a lot of ways to do the promotion, every day, every night to do And now only successfully sold a bag of 37 yuan and some other small powder 70, ha ha.

failure summary:

: no investigation: lack of know 37 of the Baidu index survey degree product network attention now only about 200, so now I ranked the 21 day IP was 50, most still watch, a lack of understanding of the network, do not know what the website ranking, the concept of network marketing.

two: the site is not planning at all, let alone publicity plan, sales plan.

but through the failure of the site, I actually liked the e-commerce, I think a good idea is not as good as a good idea, with a good idea and products to make money is not difficult ah. After that, develop a habit of a free online market to see what products are selling well from the consumer perspective, online shopping to find the product, also note painting, put people into every kind of groups, to think from the material needs to mind the needs, but has no result, perhaps my experience but this process is too narrow, let me understand: to find the products according to the demand of consumer, also brought me second websites to make money.

Why web site, a money, a deficit