in the programming area famous Technology Website Programming Forum ( has recently been unidentified hackers, according to programming forum administrator loved website at the meteor said Saturday that hackers, hacker deleted server security log, and add the hidden system administrator account on the server.

According to the

meteor moderator judgment, hackers have mastered the largest web server management authority, and through the terminal to the administrator login server, and modify the server pages linked to horse operation. The website management team immediately closed the website after receiving the feedback of the Trojan horse, to prevent the spread of the Trojan horse, and through technical means to analyze the hacker intrusion.

in the hacker invasion after initially concluded that technical staff decided to sit back and wait, cleaning up after temporarily shut down the server without hackers backdoor vulnerabilities, and monitor the implementation of the machine, and in the case of an invalid hacker backdoor again by the website technician to repeat the stock tricks, the invasion and trace evidence.

hacker gimmick is not very clever, the main way is to establish a hidden system administrator account through Serv-U vulnerability to achieve the purpose of intrusion. At present the website through the cooperation in the telecommunications sector of friends, has locked the hackers personal information, hackers from Heilongjiang city of Harbin Province, 25 years old this year, it is also a webmaster, mainly engaged in an entrepreneurial class website, this person may also be member of the webmaster nets.

taking into account the hacker did not cause much impact on the server, but also the circle of people, the Programming Forum decided not to report the incident to the public security organs.

also hope that he can put his abstinence, technology is conducive to the direction of social development. In addition to you if you suffer from Heilongjiang hacker attacks, can contact the patriotic meteor moderator, help to confirm whether it is the same person as. At the same time, I hope you use the independent server webmaster friends pay attention to server security issues, to avoid such incidents happen again.

Well known technology website programming forum hackers around the invasion