Further reading: Nora infringement trial today: 260 million yuan ticket is so come

following the National Copyright Administration Nora Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NORA) 250 thousand yuan after the piracy punishment, the Shenzhen municipal government also eyeing Nora, intends to impose a penalty of $260 million.

yesterday (June 17th) afternoon, about Nora’s penalty held hearings in the market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality, set the scene in addition to hearing the case investigators and Nora, but also invited the infringing party Tencent, LETV and etc..

in March 18th this year, the Shenzhen market supervision and administration of the inspection team official Nora violations of criminal investigation, and issued "administrative penalty hearing this book" on May 20th, 3 days later in this book, Nora put forward the request for hearing.

Lawyer Peng Zhangjian

Nora told reporters, before the National Copyright Administration of 250 thousand yuan punishment, Nora has no objection, but this amount of punishment is too big, so proposed hearing request.

260 million fines for illegal business turnover of 3 times

it is understood that Nora company is not a listed company, the outside world can not know its operating conditions. However, in yesterday’s press conference, Shenzhen city market supervisory authority has given Nora 86 million 716 thousand yuan of illegal business turnover figures, so the "daily economic news" reporter on how to get the money, asked the Bureau of justice commissioner Ceng Yaodong.

Ceng Yaodong said that the amount is found in the implementation of Nora infringement of other people’s right to spread the network of illegal facts, on the market price of copyright infringement, the average value was calculated.


confirmed the illegal business turnover of nearly 90 million yuan in the market supervision and Management Bureau, the Bureau based on the "copyright law" and its implementing regulations, Nora intends to impose a fine of 3 times the amount of illegal business, that is 260 million yuan.

"Copyright Law Implementation Regulations", "illegal business turnover of more than 50 thousand yuan, at 1 times the amount of illegal business more than 5 times the fine, so the reporter asked Ceng Yaodong why at a fine of 3 times. According to its introduction, the first is to consider its infringement, two is due to the national copyright administration punishment refused to correct, the impact of bad.

it is worth noting that the "illegal business turnover of more than 50 thousand yuan, at 1 times the amount of illegal business less than 5 times the amount of" this is a new implementation of the "revised in 2013" copyright law, so the fine contains the time span is very important, because the law is not retroactive". But Ceng Yaodong did not directly answer the question of the time limit for the above fines, he said, this will be reflected in the penalty decision.

it is reported that within 7 working days after the end of the hearing, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision bureau will be based on the views of the parties to make a penalty decision hearing.

hearing scene intense

at yesterday’s hearing, main >

Nora shouted not guilty 260 million fine let hearing exploded