A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 26th news, yesterday (November 25th) 58 p.m. announced the city will split the second-hand car trading platform – melon used car. By Yang Haoyong as CEO at the same time, Yang Haoyong also announced that 58 Market Group Co CEO resigned from the post, continue to serve as chairman of the joint group 58 market. And the identity of individual investors, to invest 60 million dollars in melon seeds used car.

Yang Haoyong said that from April 58 announced the market with so far, they spend most time is constantly meeting to discuss how to optimize the team, improve operational efficiency. Now, the integration has come to an end, the market has 58 with 90% of the market share of the online information services company, in a stable development, eliminating the need for a two CEO, is in need of efficient operations and business innovation.

After the completion of the

split to Yang Haoyong as the core of the management team will hold more than 54% stake in second-hand car melon seeds, the city will continue to retain the seeds of 46% of the equity interest of 58. 58 market group as a financial investor, will also continue to serve as a shareholder of the company.

Yao Jinbo said in a letter to all employees of the interior, seeds of second-hand car is currently in the outbreak of the business, the long-term investment and support needed capital, therefore decided to refer to home practice for the second-hand car off the seeds of independent financing and development, but also will give the seeds of second-hand car support,   strive to help the seeds as soon as possible the second-hand car to occupy the advantageous position in the competition in the C2C trading platform.

melon second-hand car was founded in 2014, is a rapidly growing direct connection with the private car owners and private buyers trading platform. Since last November 27th, the official launch of the seeds used car has maintained a rapid development trend, in April this year that the transaction amount of breaking billion yuan, in September the monthly turnover exceeded 400 million yuan, the monthly growth rate of more than 50%. At the same time, melon seeds used car also reached a profit of over a thousand dollars per order.

Yang Haoyong believes that second-hand car market is "fast market, fast, fast industry", "independence is for a better future, it could give the team more incentive space; to deal with the fierce market competition; rapid scale establishment of trade barriers". The market also has 58 second-hand car business, but B2C is the main platform. 58 market group CEO Yao Jinbo said that the seeds of second-hand car as one of the most important innovation project group, independent development potential will bring greater value to the group. 58 market group will help the development of second-hand car seeds as in the past, giving the maximum intensity from the flow, capital and other support.

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