we all know, a website art is also related to the development of the site, while the quality of advertising design to have a direct impact on the effect of advertising, this I believe everyone has deep feeling, everyone is from all sides, there must have a lot of this master, in order to let everyone have a go. We carry out " the most creative advertising design awards " welcome to actively participate in the activities. The following is the specific rules of this event:

a, work requirements:

1, advertising size: uniform specification 468X60;

2, content health, legal;

two, award design

1, the first entries unified collection in the union set up a post vote vote, according to the number of votes calculated; (they cast their votes by disqualification, voting is to vest disqualified, we will review the voters) 2, the first and the second, reward the forum at the bottom of the ad a week

3, third, with a of fifth awards U disk.

4, the sixth to the tenth, reward Ali mother a mysterious gift;

5, all works in line with the competition can reward 10 buns.

6 winners advertising time: September 1st to

in September 7th

7, all the billboard top ten, collected as a special stick in the Fujian League a week;

8 this post is strictly prohibited irrigation.

three, active objects: all registered members of the community

four, activity time: July 20th to August 20th, voting time: from August 21st to 27, announced the results of the award-winning.

in August 29th

four, form:

details see: http://s.club.alimama.com/read-htm-tid-138762.html

Ali’s most creative advertising design awards