on the evening of June 18th, Hong Kong and the New Oriental fund jointly held the first meeting of the new Standford in 2016. Yu Minhong, Sheng with Europe and the United States will be the Secretary General Mr. Zhang Xuejun, Peking University, executive director of the center of Mr. Cheng Jiashu attended Mr. Standford.


had the biggest dream is to go abroad to study Yu Minhong, but under the opportunity to create a new educational giant giant, and now successfully entered the investment community. Faced with the new students who are about to go to Standford, Yu Minhong said that only the correct thinking and behavior, in order to allow China to distance.

in the end what kind of talent in the end, we should think about what we should go abroad, let us listen to how to say.


going to Standford is a great opportunity to study

dear students, good afternoon. First of all, Congratulations, because most of us here to go to Standford to read a master or doctor. The biggest dream of my life is to go abroad to study. At that time, graduated from Peking University for many years, but I did not dare to apply for Standford. Even the ordinary university in the United States did not want me, did not give me a scholarship.

if I had the greatest regret in my life, I would never have gone abroad to read the book. Although I later had the opportunity to go to the United States to attend the course, with the New Oriental team to learn, but can not wholeheartedly. This with no distraction in a good university in two to three years, three to four years of in-depth research, and carefully into the American educational system comparison, cannot be mention in the same breath. So up to now, I have read a book in a foreign friend, Wang Qiang, Xu Xiaoping, they left to see the right look at the next look at me as a soil pig".

of course, I don’t think I’ve ever been to an American university. If so, I could not do the New Oriental today, and also a brother Hong Thai fund, including Xu Xiaoping’s fund is also very important to LP. My money into at least 200 innovative projects, these projects cover various fields, the most basic is the most senior of the natural instincts of man, the future of science and technology.

had an American university to admit me and gave me a $twenty thousand scholarship. Although the difference between tuition and $ten thousand, but it gave me to die, because at that time I was only 120 dollars a month wages in Peking university. If your parents give you money to study, thank you for your parents, because this opportunity is your parents give.

In the New Oriental

I often encounter such a situation: a student wrote to me said by the good university, but did not give scholarships, Yu teacher can you support? Many students end because of money, had to do what I did, interrupt the dream of studying abroad. Your parents

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