since the media has entered into an awkward period, the number of fans of the so-called great individual from the media account have transformation realized, but more from the media have begun to become dejected and despondent.

character from the media need to develop their own

in some people’s opinion, since the media is just a variety of media, so many reporters have turned into a media. However, since the media is not the media, but not the traditional sense of "I see" type of brick carrying type information dissemination, have no opinions from the media is like a body without a soul, even standing there, also won’t have what consciousness.

some people think that, in the traditional media, whether it is television, newspapers or magazines, reporters often do editing and dissemination of information on it, so that from the media but also so, false news private information as long as there is fresh revelations, alone out or even invented, can to attract enough attention and subscription.

in fact, traditional media is not no opinions, no more than the theoretical system and complete logic, but these things are reflected in the overall in the media platform in the traditional media, individual reporters do not undertake such functions, because there is a visible or invisible line on it, so the media will show their own personality.

in the media era, since the media themselves are both the acquisition and dissemination of information, but also the shape of the character and the inheritors of the view, the loss of the soul of the media will not last long. But now, many of the so-called self media is the mouthpiece or fence, in addition to a product, a product with a curse or criticism, or to other manufacturers. Besides, do not pay attention to perfect the theoretical system and develop a character from the media, since the media has become such a self media writers coat.

Many of the

from the media in some areas basically no accumulation, no further research was done according to the network also boast without shame material together, and then use the ordinary human perspective to analyze the professional field, but also can be used to joke a joke at parties to resolve. The traditional media era, the reporters and experts and scholars is the division of labor, the reporter to get information through professional interview, finishing after the release, and since the media age, many cases need to complete from the media reporters and experts can’t be made one role, becomes a swindler.

written more, if you are factual news, or just news speculation, since the media are not real. Since the media need to professional direction, to create their own unique way of thinking, theoretical system, to have more depth perspective, so as to form even the whole country in a certain area, a certain industry influence.

traffic will not decide everything

some successful media people from time to time, there are hundreds of millions or even tens of millions of fans, now open one hundred thousand

From the media into the awkward period youzhuodian speculation also endure loneliness to do career a