cash 10-15 million acquisition of regular stations.

female class or mother and child related website

cash 150 thousand novel station

acquisition of PR5PR6 high quality website

cash 5W buy mature profit model has been the site, the site type is not limited to

buy GG earnings per day 4~5$site.

cash 5000-1 buy website

for PR4 and above stations, including updates are normal

acquired more than PR3 website

more than PR4 site, Baidu can be included on the same day, the site content is not limited to

for more than PR4 of the movie station or small game station, no other requirements

RMB the station

8 million.

3 million yuan long enough for more than IP5000 station! Good quality speed!

10W cash for a matter of conscience movie station, passion station, road quality is better, the hacker

not faze

long-term acquisition of more than PR3 of the station! Domain name can be transferred

sincerely want to buy PR4 or more than 4 COM domain name, high priced

The acquisition of a number of

com included Wanzheng gauge station

cash 5W acquisition download station, software download station

day IP2 million novel reading website!

– hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of cash acquisition of decoration and building materials class community

2 thousand -2w or so cash to buy literature or novel station, designated A5 intermediary transaction

ask for 08 years. Baidu can be included on the first page, 48 hours


high priced long-term acquisition of more than Pr3/Pr4 weight site!

5000 yuan received a price instrument station, see the station ".

The acquisition of

IP> 2000

download station sold in

receiving site requires more than 2000 yuan 500IP below

more sites to buy information in

A large number of million yuan to buy the right website