was once crazy expansion of domestic buy site, the real into the winter". Recently, Gaopeng came layoffs news from the originator of the company group purchase of Groupon, the number of layoffs is expected to more than 400 people, at the same time in 13 place overall abolition of substation layout in china. Gaopeng sharp contraction front is only a microcosm of the network group purchase industry "winter" comes, the reporter learned yesterday, the current domestic large-scale group purchase industry has emerged signs of collapse, according to well-known independent group purchase navigation site 800 in the latest survey, in the Beijing area of 116 home network group purchase station has been into a zombie network". Alibaba group’s Amoy network in its release in August to buy the industry trends report also said that the fourth quarter, or will become the critical point of the Chinese industry to buy large-scale reshuffle.


buy more than a network or layoffs or disappear

part of the well-known domestic enterprises to buy a sharp contraction in the front of the year has shown. In April this year, the U.S. group net closed 4 Ma’anshan City sub station, happy net also shrink the three or four line of the city’s front. In August, Tencent and Groupon cooperation Gaopeng began a large-scale layoffs.

at the same time, disappear, the group is also increasing the number of enterprises. Reporters yesterday from the group purchase navigation site 800 was informed that, according to the latest round of verification of the company of Beijing group purchase website, found 116 group purchase site has been open, or is no longer selling group purchase group, such as embarrassed, embarrassed Bang Bang Group, small peas group. According to another group of 800 in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi’an City, Changsha 8 a total of 185 local group purchase website checks, found more than a month did not update the site up to 12%, and another 4% sites to revision, closed interior modulation for group purchase business.

Alibaba’s Amoy network before the report also shows that, unlike the first half of this year the group purchase website explosive growth, in August the number of Chinese group purchase website for the first time the growth rate of less than 3%, reached the lowest point this year. The report is expected in the third quarter after the cooling period, the growth rate of the group buying site in the fourth quarter will continue to decline, or even negative growth.

in terms of sales, a number of network sales also fell sharply. According to mission 800 statistics, in July, the domestic monthly sales of less than $1 million in the city up to 116, of which the total sales of 89 cities in July under the $500 thousand, the average daily sales of only $5000. A Amoy network survey report also shows that in August the total amount of the total turnover of the group buying site was flat with the year in July, an increase of less than 1%.


YiHongErShang price competition led to decline in trading volume

yesterday, cool group net CEO Yan Ying pointed out in an interview with reporters, the collapse of the main there are two types of enterprises, is a part of the workshop is composed of several small group purchase website, group purchase industry booming in last year.

A group of thousands of wars and the consequences of the collapse of the influx of buying network