whenever a popular Internet platform, will lead to a marketing revolution, which may be the charm of network marketing. Micro-blog is currently the most popular Internet application platform, micro-blog marketing naturally will be followed by many network marketing concerns. It is understood that the majority of micro-blog’s marketing activities mainly to micro-blog, micro-blog to do a number of prizes and other activities, many companies do micro-blog marketing is also starting from the micro-blog event. How to do a good job of micro-blog marketing activities, there are 8 preparations must be done:

1, select micro-blog platform

is currently doing a micro-blog marketing micro-blog platform can be selective, mainly in Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent, as the user platform and the most active and most users of the platform, micro-blog will undoubtedly become the preferred marketing. As for the choice of Tencent or Sina, also according to their target users of the product, according to the survey, Sina micro-blog users slightly high-end, and the Tencent micro-blog users is relatively young, some products but also for the two platform.

2, registered official micro-blog account

should be registered as an enterprise official micro-blog account, is sent from the official account, also need someone to operate this account, it is understood that micro-blog operators have already become a trend of occupation, many companies are hiring micro-blog operation specialist. In particular, there is a proposal that the official micro-blog must be certified for certified users, the credibility is relatively high, from the account issued by the activities of the official authority.

3, micro-blog activity purpose

What is the purpose of micro-blog

to do marketing activities, to achieve what kind of effect, be sure to clarify in advance, for example, some enterprises in order to showcase the brand, to add some micro-blog fans, some only is to expand the effect of the activities, and to promote a product. After determining the purpose of the activities, the next activity planning, promotion will be different.

4, activity rules

is a good activity rule, has the advantages of convenient, easy participation, simple features, for users, an easy to understand, easy to participate in the activities of rules, reduce the costs of participation, but also get the prizes from the event, Why not?.

5, event prizes

maybe a lot of friends have participated in some activities of micro-blog, since Cai Wensheng micro-blog sent iPhone, ipone and IPAD became micro-blog more attractive prizes, but the price is more expensive, if the effect is not up to the expected effect, the cost will be relatively high, so we must pay attention to the user’s preferences in the choice of products. Micro-blog has done the activities of friends, said the practicality of prizes more popular, we do not copy reference.

6, micro-blog content

is micro-blog’s copy, a micro-blog only 140 words, how the rules will be described in the activities of the 140, how to focus on how to attract users to participate

Do a good job in the preparatory work of the 8 micro-blog marketing activities

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