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in the "Encyclopedia of website promotion method (2008 Olympic Edition)" on the basis of the new added 9 kinds of website promotion methods (sixty-fifth to seventy-second) after finishing, supplement and update, now promotion means has been as high as 72, you pick your love for the methods to use, hope to help you master. Tomorrow is China Valentine’s day, I wish you luck in the free day and night in tears cried very worried about cowherd aerial dream hardly wished to live. impatient days.

let the webmaster most happy thing, is the flow of skyrocketing. The most headache thing, nothing outside the website promotion. "Give it to fish, as to give it to fish". There is no website promotion, there is no traffic surge, website promotion is the premise of traffic surge. I hope this article, we can promote the site has been inspired, helpful, reference.

website promotion optimization to multi legged walking. Whether personal website or corporate website; whether it is domestic or foreign website, website; whether agency web site, or independent website; whether public website templates, or the use of the unique individual creation, website design and website construction, in addition to update, the most important is the website promotion. Web site can not loose, website promotion to keep up.

announced the latest website promotion method daquan.

1 QQ group website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ to join dozens of groups, every day to send a website. An average of 50 qq* per QQ was added to the group of 50 * * * each group of 50 individuals =75000 to watch. If the QQ more, join the group more, join a large group, the number of each group is more, then better publicity. Even excluding online QQ users, the effect should not be underestimated. Bear, not afraid of being kicked.

2 search engine website promotion method. The novice webmaster, keen is the basic method. Search the site’s function is to integrate the network resources, to find the most suitable web site content, to other sites with traffic is its unexpected side effects. Many webmasters website promotion section, seems to have become SEO area. SEO is the best way to code web page code, access speed, the content of the unique duplication, useful for users, but also a unique.

3 soft website promotion method. Write an article, or cite a good article, which cleverly add their own web site.

4 blog site promotion method. Soft Wen to have published. One is sent to the forum, the article stand, one is sent to the blog. There is a benefit to the blog, will not be deleted.

5 media website promotion method. Let the traditional media, newspapers, television, radio, etc..

6 mobile website promotion method. WAP website, bulk SMS, customized ringing tone etc.. The function of the mobile phone is more and more strong, small and easy to carry

Highlights of website promotion methods (2008 of the Qixi Festival China Valentine’s Day edition)

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