today to talk about a precise case of WeChat plus fans, if you want to do local fans, you can copy, the effect is very good, I saw. Do not do a good job of local fans can learn from other people’s processes and copywriting. A few days ago to Shanghai, Nanjing in the road around the crowd, in the most intensive areas, I saw some little girl holding a sign, a lot of people around to take pictures, I am curious to see through doing, then I was marketing.

the first step is to choose the place, the more people the better, especially in the place of leisure, or choose the precise place of the crowd, first look at their signs to write what.


this is their sign, A. Copywriting is very good, very attractive. Sweep send duck (voice type)

in order to reduce the customer’s consultation time, specially made a B surface, after sweeping immediately give you look at the B surface, the process is clear, simple. In addition to receiving a duck (one hundred percent winning), and back (this gift is empty, but there is a temptation for a lot of people)



is over, look at their public numbers. The number is too rubbish, I don’t know why to choose this so difficult to remember the number (



and then click on the attention of the future look at the following.



said, C3 asked me to reply to reply why C3? Many people may not know, in fact, can also be set back to C5 for the same reason C3 answer, I think the main reason is that they have a lot of songs where there are different people in the grip of fans. In order to facilitate the performance appraisal, to give each employee a different number, who test the conversion rate is high, who is lazy.


this is a reply to the C3 after a page, this page for different products or services, you can design a different copy, to attract transformation.

this case is very classic, I can not estimate how many fans they can increase every day, but the number is certainly very optimistic. The first is that many people do not know how to circle local fans, second is a lot of people do not know how to copy, do not know how to perform. This can give you a good answer. Imitate to modify their business can be.

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WeChat local fans to add precise fans to share the case

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